Rise & Recliner Chairs

Comfortable Rise and Recliner Chairs in Suffolk

Mid Suffolk Mobility is the largest centre for mobility solutions in Suffolk. We specialise in delivering mobility options on an individual basis, and are trusted for our excellent customer care before and after your purchase. Our inviting showroom plays host to a huge range of attractive rise and recline chairs in various sizes and styles to suit all tastes. To view the range visit our friendly showroom today or call ahead on 01449781804

Rise and Recliner Chairs

If you're finding traditional living room furniture harder to manage, why not make life easier for yourself and upgrade to some rise and recline furniture? 

At Mid Suffolk Mobility, we stock a comprehensive range of attractive, well-designed and extra comfy rise and recliner chairs. From armchairs to three piece suites, you're bound to find something that ticks all your boxes and blends beautifully and easily in to your home interior.

If you're looking for rise and recline bed options, we can order beds by Profile in a range of sizes. To find out more, talk Mavis or Mark today.
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Visit our showroom today or call 01449 781 804

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